School of Ministry

The Grace Church of The Valley School of Ministry is an educational extension of Grace Church of The Valley and vision of Dr. Webb. GCOTV School of Ministry is designed to provide a place for individuals of GCOTV and the community to develop a personal understanding of the Bible and God’s blessing for them.  Students are able to work towards a “Certificate of Christian Studies” over a two year period.  Between September and May the student completes fives courses per year over the two-year period, working towards their certificate.  This includes class time, reading assignments, taking an exam, and yes even writing those hated research papers. We offer an additional two-year study program offering a Diploma of Christian Studies allowing students to continue to advance their education.

New Global Impact Vision:

We also offer a self-study program worth 15 credit hours entitled “Certificate in the E.M. Bounds Study of Prayer.” This course is $125.00. Please contact Dr. Allen at [email protected] for more information.

GCOTV School of Ministry is also offering FREE to Pastors and small colleges throughout Africa, India, Caribbean, and other countries that cannot afford the high cost of education, a “Study in the Life of Christ and the Gospels.” This Certificate Program (no college credits offered) allows the study to study individually or as a group and receive a certificate of completion .

We have also developed a new study program for our international friends that will be available soon. If you would like to receive a copy of the Life Christ Program, please email us at [email protected].

Under the leadership of Dr. Webb and President Rev. Don Allen, Jr PhD students are challenged to learn, study, and share the word of God with others.  If you would like more information please contact Dr. Allen at [email protected]

About our President:  Dr. Don Allen, Jr brings over 40 years of pastoral ministry and teaching to GCOTV School of Ministry including having served as Pastor, Associate Pastor, Children’s Pastors, Men’s leader, and Christian Education Director.  He has also severed on the faculty of three local Bible Colleges and has written curriculum for a number of colleges.

Dr. Allen holds a PhD in Psychology and Christian Counseling from Louisiana Baptist University, a D.Litt. and a PhD in Pastoral Theology from St. Alcuin House Seminary.  Besides serving as President, he is also  Adjunct Professor at New Life Temple Bible College and Aidan University (as well as serving on the Board of Directors). Dr. Allen was also recently appointed the Regional Director for Logos Global Network – Midwest, and is networking with pastors and ministers to strengthen ministry and personal relationships.

Over the past 29 years Dr. Allen has also worked as an Alcohol Drug counselor and is currently a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, Certified Christian Counselor-Doctoral Diplomate and a Certified Chaplain. He is currently serving as the Chaplin at Summit (part of the State Ohio Department of Mental Health).

Don as he prefers to be called here at GCOTV is married to wonderful wife of 33 years. Lee and Don have two grown children Meghan (attends here at Grace) and Ethan and his wife Holly (Senior Pastor at Elmwood Wesleyan Church in Cincinnati).